Digital advertising is the process of leveraging the internet to deliver promotional ads to consumers on various channels.

Digital ads are everywhere.

They can be seen on the websites your buyer visits, on their mobile phone, on social media channels, and on their smart watch. Because advertising proliferates across so many channels, including very personal channels, you need to be more cognizant than ever before about providing useful, engaging content. Luckily, due to behavioral targeting technologies and platforms like marketing automation, these continuous conversations are possible. And by leveraging these technologies, you can nurture your buyers in a very personalized way until they are ready to become customers.

Three Reasons for a Digital Focus

There are three reasons why digital advertising is critical in today’s multi-channel, multi-device
buyer landscape:

1. Your Buyers Are Constantly on Digital Channels

Your buyers spend a lot of time online. Gone are the days when newspapers and magazines dominated your buyer’s attention. We are entrenched in the digital era. With your buyers constantly switching channels and devices, how can you reach them? Digital advertising is a fantastic way for your brand to live across all channels.

2. Marketers Have Greater Targeting Capabilities

When you put an advertisement in a magazine you have very little control, if any, over who sees and interacts with it. With today’s advancements in digital advertising, marketers can now target the exact audience that’s mostly likely to purchase your product. By combining the power of marketing automation and an advertising network or platform, you can avoid sending messages to people who aren’t a great fit for your product or service. Targeting your ads on digital media isn’t only limited to the demographic characteristics of your audience. You can also deliver messages that are uniquely created to resonate with your audience as individuals, based on who they are and what they do.

3. The Availability of Customer Intent

With today’s powerful marketing and advertising tools, there is so much data available about your customers. By leveraging the latest and greatest tools you can target a customers intent and collect data from many different channels to have one seamless view of the customer. You can personalize your ads based on who the individual is from behavior, their demographics, where they are in the buying cycle, their level of engagement with your brand, and the content they have viewed. With this advanced personalization, you can have more relevant conversations with buyers across all channels—which is truly the key!